Project Description

Persim-ally I prefer them hard and crunchy, like an apple…but…You have to try this sweet, spicy, salty, juicy mouth party of lusciousness! So if you end up having a fruit bowl of over ripe jelly-like squishy persimmons.. Split them, freeze them, leave them to sit and soften slightly and scoop out the most refreshing instant sorbet + try adding a pinch of pink salt and chilli to really turn the volume UP!! Just heavenly…

  • This recipe only works well with over-ripe jelly like fruit.

  • Simply split the fruit in half through its belly and freeze for a couple of hours.

  • Remove from the freezer for 5-10 minutes to soften before spooning the most refreshing instant sorbet into your mouth. Add a pinch of salt and chilli to really take this sorbet to a mouth party of playfulness !!

  • Mix all the vinaigrette ingredients together to combine. Place your oysters on top of a plate of course salt, so they look pretty and stand upright! Spoon the vinaigrette over the oysters just before serving! Enjoy