Project Description

DRINK YOUR VINEGAR PEEPS!!! Drinking vinegar has been around forever and there’s a good reason why….because it’s so good for you! This a gorgeous fermented vinegar, the colour is off-the-hook, the flavour even more so, I cant wait to start sloshing it over my salads and  pouring it into the bottom of my Gin and Sodas! Please use raw unpasteurised apple cider vinegar – its the only way to go! Let the fun beGin…

  • 4 blood oranges sliced, enough to yield 1 cup of juice

  • 2 cups of raw apple cider vinegar (ACV)

  • 3-4 springs of fresh rosemary

  • Sterilise a wide mouthed jar, add orange slices/pieces and pour over vinegar to cover the fruit

  • Use a masher or spoon to squash and release all the juice from the fruit

  • Cover with cheese cloth or paper towel and rubber band and leave on the bench overnight

  • Replace the cloth with a sealed lid, leave at room temperature and keep shaking each day for 3 days, then strain to remove solids

  • Sterilise the jar again and return the liquid back into the jar. Keep at room temperature for another 3 days, each day adding a fresh sprig of rosemary to infuse into the vinegar

  • By day 5-7 the vinegar will have mellowed, you can taste it at this stage and see what the flavours are doing, you can continue to add rosemary if you want more woodsy-pine notes or remove the rosemary and place in the fridge or cool dark place and use that night in your Gin…